McCarthy was a far-right senate of the 1950's and an important example of fearmongering in America. He was from Wisconsin and believed in the antagonism of Communism to the extreme. He was a lawyer and a military veteran from the Civil War and controlled a whole entire era of politics in America. He treated Communism as a pest and commonly caused fear by pinning people out left and right as being Communists and showed all of them to be terrorists. Though many communist leaders across the world abused their power, many did not. He once also made an announcement to create a large wall around Canada and not allow any goods to be shipped to any other country. During Trumans presidency, he saw him as being soft on Communists. He wanted General Douglass MacArthur to be impeached and thrown in jail while he called Truman a "son of a bitch". He agreed with most conservatives and also supported Civil Rights to those who were not Communist. Many people in the Congress, including Margaret Chase Smith, wanted McCarthy to be impeached. She along with six other Congresspeople created a group to impeach McCarthy. He referred them as "Snow White & The Six Dwarfs". He was, in 1954, accused and convicted of abusing General Zwerker and other misdemeaners. However, he stated in Congress until he died in 1957.