Kim Man-il (Hangul: 김만일; Hanja: 金萬一; Vyatskoye, 1944 – , Pyongyang 1947 / 8) was the second son and child of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-suk.


Man-il was born in 1944 in the Russian village of Vyatskoye. Inside his family, he was nicknamed "Shura." Official North Korean biographies state that Shura and his older brother Kim Jong-il got along very well and played together.

In the summer of 1947 or 1948, Shura and his brother were playing in a pond in the city of Pyongyang, when Shura mysteriously drowned. Official records state that Jong-il was devastated and could never get over the trauma of losing his younger brother. In 1949, his mother Kim Jong-suk died while giving birth to a stillborn girl.


Man-il died in 1947 / 8.