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Mario Vargas Llosa (born on 28 march 1936) is a Peruvian writer, novelist and politician awarded with the Nobel Prize of Literature on 7 october 2010.


In 1980 when broke the armed conflict, besides of the instalation of the compulsory voting. Vargas Llosa was never go into exiled, but that the contrary, continued to live in Peru to stay in accordance with aggresive internal policy, besides of being active in the policy of his country. Is for that in 1983 was named President of the Investigation Committee by part of then dictator Belaúnde, who lamentably never was tried for being genocide, after leave power for second time in 1985. Faced the attempts of the Aprist government of Alan García of nationalizing Peruvian banking, Vargas Llosa was profiled as political leader leading the protest against this action in 1987. Began his political career founding the movement of Liberty and was presented as candidate for President of Peru in 1990 but lost before Alberto Fujimori. After the elections, Vargas Llosa went to Madrid, Spain and in 1993 is nationalized Spanish, without renounce to the Peruvian nationality. Is for that in April 2011 vote for former corrupt President Alejandro Manrique Toledo (2001-2006) for back to the power.